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The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey is a diverse group of spiritual seekers who welcome people willing to share ideas about their religious quest. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey exists to offer an open, tolerant, religious community to nurture spritual growth and to value diversity. For a complete version of our mission statement, see www.unitarianpetoskey.org/purpose.shtml.

Meeting Information
We meet at the Red Sky Stage on Mitchell St Petoskey, down the hill & across the street from the library.
We meet at 11:00 a.m. on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays; We meet at the RED SKY STAGE, PETOSKEY (445 East Mitchell Street Petoskey).

Special events will be announced in the Thursday issue of the Petoskey News-Review. Times and location are printed in the weekly Harbor Springs Light church directory. Each upcoming service is announced by e-mail several days prior to the Sunday program. For more information on the group and its activities call 855-777-9080 or 231-366-1696 or email info@unitarianpetoskey.org for additional information. Also, in case of extreme inclement weather, call to see if there is a meeting cancellation message. To be added to our mailing list, contact Mark Kinney @ mark.kinney@utoledo.edu



November 8th

WINTER IS COMING. We begin to worry about keeping warm. Hans Christian Anderson, in his wonderful story, "The Snow Queen", reminds us of the importance of keeping warmth in our hearts.

November 15th

Thanksgiving Sharing the Harvest - A Guest At Our Table.Ω"


Book Discussion Group

The UUCOP book discussion group meets quarterly. Our books range in topic from world religions, spirituality, ethics, psychology and similar topics mainly in the nonfiction category. We rotate the responsibility of “chairing” the discussions and we all vote on which books to read each quarter. Our discussions can get quite lively and we always have fun as we enhance our reading experience by hearing others viewpoints about the subject matter. Please consider joining us for an upcoming book discussion. If you would like to join the UUCOP book club emailing list please contact Tom Beukema at tforb@core.com

Our next UU Book Group meeting will take place 1:30 p.m., SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13; we will meet in community room at the PETOSKEY PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Our next book

art of soviet cooking book jacket

Pat Hartlep, the champion of our next book, Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking, by Anya Von Bremzen, has volunteered to facilitate this meeting. Although our meeting is still six weeks away, I encourage everyone to formulate and submit discussion questions and stimulators.

Also, I again hope that we will be able to select our next book at this meeting. Given the advent of the holiday season so soon after our meeting - for some it will have started before then, I am sure - I really hope to receive nominations at least a week or so prior to the meeting.

Although the plan is to attempt to reach consensus about the expected nature of future selections, I encourage flexibility until that consensus. As suggested by one or two of you, probably we can agree at this time that we should only consider non-fiction books.

Happy reading, and I look forward to seeing all of you on the 13th, if not earlier.

The UUCOP Membership Book is now available for those who may wish to sign.

Follow this link to the group poem from the poetry service

August 2015 Newsletter

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey, Michigan

These few days of cool weather just reminded me that our summer is drawing to a close. But I look forward to the fall and many colors.

Your board has been pondering the use of our land, Wildwood. We had hoped to use it more this summer and we now know what we have to put in place to use it on a more regular basis, regular mowing, etc. We have one more service this fall scheduled at Wildwood and we hope all will turn out. If you would like to play a role in the increased use of Wildwood, please contact any board member.

UUCOP has been recognized by Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network as the little congregation that does. Our contribution was the third highest to MUUSJN this year, only bested by Ann Arbor and Birmingham, two large congregation down state. The MUUSJN is a network of Unitarian Universalist minded folks from across the state (including UUCOP) lobbying on issues that support the Seven Principle of Unitarian Universalist. The issue front and center at the moment is prison reform.

September 26th is our next Green Committee highway clean-up. We will meet at Legs Inn parking lot at 10am. This will be the last one of the season so come out and join us. It is a wonderful walk down M119 along Lake Michigan. We also meet afterwards for lunch at the Inn. Bring a friend and help the environment.

At our first service in September you will find our order of service inside a permanent folder with all kinds of good stuff printed on it, our seven principles, sources of our Living Tradition, our mission and vision statements and the email address of all your board officers. This is something the board has wanted to offer but some how it has always fallen to the bottom of the priority pile. The idea is to have the information there for all without using so much paper. It would be great if you leave the folder behind each service to be used again.

Your board is also working on a series of other issues, any of which you are welcome to support with your time and imagination: updating our website, creating a Facebook page, program for our children, the possibility of a part-time minister, attracting more one time minister-delivered services, a more comprehensive stewardship program and always more community organizations for outreach.

This first quarter our second basket will be passed for the food banks in the area while the second quarter will go to The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Guest at Your Table). The first basket is always passed to support the UUCOP congregational needs.

Remember we are a lay lead congregation. We need you to make it all work. Volunteer!

This newsletter has been compiled by Pan Godchaux from the August 2015 Board meeting of UUCOP

Your Board and Emails:
Pan Godchaux, president, pangodchaux@gmail.com
Kim Nowack, vice-president, nowack6kim@yahoo.com
Diane Lake, secretary, diane.lake@comcast.net
Allison White, treasurer, akahwhite@gmail.com
Pat Hartlep, program chair, patriciahartlep@yahoo.com

Our Adopt-A-Highway Project

Road cleaners with UU sign from April 2013 cleanup

Adopt-A-Highway is a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) program designed to help keep the state's highway roadsides clean and attractive. Our congregation has adopted a two mile section of M119 just south of Cross Village. We do three trash pickups a year and usually include a social event of lunch or dinner following each pickup. Since our section is so close to Cross Village, we use the Legs Inn parking lot as a meeting place to get organized for our pickups. Please consider helping us with the trash pickups. It’s great exercise along a beautiful stretch of road and we would enjoy your company as we help keep our roads clean. Please join us for the meal following the pickup even if you are unable to help with the pickup.

The 2015 fall pickup periods are:

Safety Information

We are required to be aware of various safety rules related to the trash pickup and these can be found at http://www.michigan.gov/mdot/0,1607,7-151-9621_11041_14408---,00.htmlhttps://www.michigan.gov/documents/MDOT_Safety_Brochure_06_154017_7.pdf Please go to this site to view the safety video and browse through the other information available there if you are planning to help with the pickup.

Weather Note: Occasional showers or light mist do not constitute a rain delay. Thunder, Lightning, & torrential downpours do. If in doubt, show up.
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Book Discussion Group: July 27 report

Living with a Wild God book cover

Living with a Wild God on Walloon Lake

Mary Lou enroute to the meeting

Mary Lou enroute to the discussion

Norm makes a point

Norm Makes a Point

The Building Future Committee

The Building Future Committee is working hard investigating options in an effort to find a year round home for UUCOP.

Services Guide Available

The board has developed a Services Guide to assist leaders in creating their services. The guide is available at the following link. It includes a possible order of service, suggested readings for Chalice lighting, Chalice extinguishing, and much more.

Joy and Care Program Committee

Since we formed the Pastoral Care Committee @ UUCoP, my task is to establish a Joy and Care Program to send out greeting cards or notes on birthdays, anniversaries or other significant occassons, including sympathy or get-well cards. In order to accomplish this, I need your help.

Send me the dates you would like remembered. I would appreciate being informed if one of our congregation is ill or hospitalized. Please help me with this task You can email me jcunningham1945@hotmail.com or catch me at Sunday service to give me your info. Thank you for your co-operation.
Judy Cunningham

Board meeting minutes

If you are interested in copies of Board Meeting Minutes, please give your email to diane.lake@comcast.net, Secretary and she will send a copy of each month as they are approved the following month. We will also have a few copies printed and available @ a service if you don't have email service.

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