2016 Group Poem

Group poem from Poetry Sunday, April 10, 2016
The Road Not Taken—or The Road Taken

I chose to move north
instead of staying in the city
because of my growing obsession with the forest and the shining lakes.

I chose to emigrate to Canada
instead of staying the course in England
because I wanted to experience the western hemisphere.

I chose to move in the direction of love and family
instead of chambers and galleries of hallowed art
because I was moved by the greater need.

I chose to separate
instead of stay together
because I was bewitched.

I chose to stop where I stopped
instead of going on about the 33 logs—stations of the cross
because something moved me to stop.

I chose to leave
instead of facing my beloved
because of fear, because of love.

I chose to get a teaching degree
instead of switching to nursing
because of the Richard Speck murders.

I chose to drop out of graduate school
instead of finishing my doctorate
because I was, and I still am, in love.

I chose to encourage compassion
instead of feeling hate
because LOVE IS WHO I AM.

I chose to laugh
instead of cry . . .
because I knew why.

I chose to be more open to the moment
instead of indulging or repressing my thoughts
because I can see more clearly, letting them dissolve.

I chose to learn some blues riffs
instead of sitting on “just notes”
because I want to beat the rhythms.