2017 Poetry Sunday’s Group Poem

I Find Silence
(Group Poem from April 9, 2017, Poetry Sunday)

I find silence in a drop of dew sliding from a leaf
I find silence reassuring, calmness still exists
I find silence after the rain, the birds fly down to drink water
I find silence in the early morning when I wake as I lie in bed
waiting for the sunrise and thinking about coffee
I find silence in the touch of a warm hand; I find silence luminescent.
I find silence in the forest deep
I find silence when the waves stop and the wind ceases to blow
and the birds stop their incessant chatter
I find silence an exuberant expression of life, of creative juices being pulled upward
I find silence to be an elusive gift, so hard to find and harder yet to receive
I find silence in my heart, and it is frightening
I find silence in the midst of the coursing flow of energy, stillness awakened
I find silence searching for the wind through the trees where there are none
I find silence is my best friend; it clears my eyes, sharpens my hearing
I find silence between the roaring of the waves on a windy day

Further Reflections on Silence

In the breath of nothing
with the life of my being
dancing with another
here in this place
My breath bends the steel of the reed,
vibrates the silence of the air
and gives voice |
to the music of my soul
Quiet is attainable,
but silence
remains a delicate
In stillness
In depth
In peace