Khasi Hills School1

“A form of Unitarianism was present in the Khasi Hills over 100 years ago. The Unitarian Universalist congregation in Ann Arbor (UUAA) and the UUA have had a connection to the Khasi Hills for almost a century.”

“The Khasi Hills Sponsor-a-Student Program began in 2001 and provides humanitarian support to a Unitarian school in the Khasi Hills. It does so by linking donors in the US with individual elementary school students from the Khasi Hills. Support for each child is provided to the school according to a budget which is jointly developed by the committee and educational leaders in the Khasi Hills.”

There is a blog which contains the substance of the presentation by UUCOP congregation members Mark and Nancy Kinney on their recent teacher training efforts in the Khasi Hills, presented at the November 20th service.  Khasi Hills Teacher Training

The Petoskey Unitarian Universalist congregation continues to support this project.  You can become involved here.